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Mila Miracle Seed vs Flax 

Often, people will ask.. "What is the difference between chia and Flax?"

91% More Amino Acid Protein Quality Than Flax

The amino acid protein profile of Mila Miracle Seed yields 91% protein quality versus only 60% for Flax.

Neutral Flavor & Hydrophilic Structure

While Flax and Fish Oil have a strong, dominating flavor. Mila Miracle Seed has a neutral flavor and hydrophilic structure which lends itself to limitless recipe applications.  Cooking or baking does not alter the efficacy one iota and doesn't have the unpleasant aftertaste that you find in fish oil or flax.

Flax Contains Cyanogens -  Mila Miracle Seed Does Not

Flax contains substances called cyanogens, which are converted in the body into another chemical called Thiocyanate (SCN). High blood concentrations of SCN for prolonged periods of time may have adverse affects on the thyroid function. Mila Miracle Seed contains no harmful cyanogens. Warning: Flax seed cyanogens convert to cyanide; a poison that can be life threatening.

Flax Contains Vitamin B Interrupters That Can Cause Malnutrition

The US government regulates flax consumption to more than 12% of your total caloric intake. Vegans and others on diets low in protein or sulfur containing amino acids (methionine and cystine) must be very careful consuming flax seed.

Please Note: Flax is not approved as a regular food or supplement by the FDA and is illegal or restricted in some countries.

FDA has classified Mila Miracle Seed as regular food and supplement!

Flax Requires Refrigeration -   Mila Miracle Seed Does Not

Mila Miracle Seed absorbs more than 15 times its weight in water and does not require refrigeration. Flax absorbs only 6 times its weight in water and requires refrigeration.

Flax exhibits rapid decomposition due to its minimal antioxidant and vitamin content.  Due to Mila Miracle Seed's rich antioxidant and vitamin content, oxidation is minimal or non-existent.

Mila Miracle Seed VS. Flax
Serving Size:10g
Mila, The Miracle Seed
Vitamin B Interrupter
Thyroid Interrupter
FDA CLASSIFIED (Food & Supplement)

Source for Mila Miracle Seed: Microbac LabsŪ - Source for Flax: Flax Institute of the US (USDA SR 19)



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