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Omega 3 Fatty Acids - Important Information 

Read how Omega 3 Intake During Last Months Of Pregnancy Boosts An Infant's Cognitive And Motor Development

Below are just a few of the videos that can be found on the internet discussing Omega 3s & their importance.

The people in these videos aren't discussing or endorsing "Mila Miracle Seed" (it's so new, a lot of people haven't heard about it yet) but we're posting them to help you understand the importance of getting Omega 3's into your diet.  Regardless of whether you try Mila or not, please give them a moment of your time and visit their informative channels.  You'll be healthier for it!



Pharmacist Sue Brenan answers common health questions.  How do I pick a good Omega 3 product?  For more information, visit

This is Jeff.  He's a third year medical student who does a FANTASTIC job of explaining the importance of Omega 3s.  He also provides extensive additional information on his usmedstudent YouTube channel

Lyle Hurd interviews Dr. Parris Kidd on the benefits people of all ages can see after taking Omega-3 supplements. His studies show improvements in overall health, mood and memory. For more information, visit

Dr. Mercola discusses the enormous confusion between plant based and animal based omega-3 fats.

Dr. Ken Southward discusses Omega 3 fatty acids.  What are they, what do they do, why are they important and where to get them?

Dr. Donese Worden N.M.D. talks about the benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oils.

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As you can see, health experts agree that consuming a good ratio of Omega-3 fatty acids is a vital key to optimum health. We're confident that continued research will show that Mila Miracle Seed provides a much safer, more efficient way to get the daily requirement of Omega 3 fatty acids. The smell & taste is significantly better as well!

Why we feel Mila Miracle Seed is the best way to get your Omega 3’s...

With 2,000mg Omega 3, 667mg Omega 6 & 267mg Omega 9 per serving, Mila, The Miracle Seed is the highest and safest natural source of essential fatty acids in the world today. Ever tried to get a kid to eat a fish oil tablet? One of the best things about Mila Miracle Seed is it's neutral flavor (or lack of thereof) making it easy to incorporate into the foods you normally eat. It doesn't "go bad" either. A bag of Mila Miracle Seed can keep for at least a year and requires no refrigeration.


Mila Miracle Seed is not intended to treat, cure, heal, mitigate or prevent any disease or illness. The information provided is intended for educational purposes.  It is not to be construed as providing medical advice or substitution for professional services.  All information provided is general and not specific to individuals.  Contact your health practitioner if you have any health problems.
The mission over at Genesis Pure is to help change the health of the world.  We at believe that Mila Miracle Seed will do just that.  We are very pleased for the opportunity to be Independent Distributors of the Genesis Pure product, Mila Miracle Seed.

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